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Harvest, Fruit Picking and Rural Agricultural Farm Work Jobs Australia

Are you looking for a agricultural jobs or you need to employ a farm worker to help out with your harvest, cattle work, fruit picking or other rural work ? Then, this is the right page you landed on. We all know, Australia is rich in agriculture production. Around 61% of country’s landmass is covered by Australian graziers. All times of the year, one can find rural work in country. Every year, the country attracts millions for business, holiday and harvest. Connecting with a professional agency offering latest  fruit picking and agricultural jobs will prove highly helpful to build up your career in agriculture sector.

Farm Worker is a professional agency connecting various job seekers to the potential job providers in the farming industry. Because of the various types of employment opportunities available in the continent, Australia is known as ‘the land of opportunity’ with large agriculture base, primarily wheat farming, sheep farming. A huge part of Australian land is taken up by this industries. There is a blend of irrigation and dry land agriculture across the country and hence there are loads of opportunities for agricultural jobs in country. The leading agricultural commodities comprise barley, cotton, dried fruits, sugar cane, dairy, grains, sheep meat, rice, wheat, wool and sugar. Directly or indirectly, almost every Australian is involved in farming. The agriculture sector contributes around 3 per cent to Australia’s GDP. The farmers here export nearly 60 per cent of their produce and crops like oilseeds, cereals and grain legumes are produced on a large scale in the country.

Besides crops, fruits and vegetables, the land also account for a rich export of valuable wine. This rich climate and prosperous land creates abundance of opportunities for agricultural jobs such as pruning and harvesting.

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